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About Us

Who are we? is an online store that sells local and overseas products. has been founded and established since 2020. Since then, has been growing every day. We strive to be one of the top and best online business stores with e-commerce in Malaysia to encourage users to deal easily online.


What do we sell?
We offer the best local and foreign quality in the online market that you can hardly find in the market!


Definitions and Interpretation

"SHOPNIJE" means a representative company WIN DIRECT MARKETING (002668394-H).
 SHOPNIJE is the owner of the "shopnije" brand, online business store services for local and overseas products.

"NI", "Ini",or"ni","This",
"JE" "Sahaja",or "Je","Jer" "Only"
"Shopnije" is "This Shop Only" or "Kedai Ini Sahaja"

"Trademark" means all existing SHOPNIJE trademarks and logos
future, both registered and unregistered, all determined by
SHOPNIJE from time to time.

Customers can use URLs for shopping
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